About Us


“BoJoK HUB” is an ultimate joint venture of a group of young & learned Software Engineers established under the stewardship of a Member of Smart City Council of India.  The innovative project initiated in the year 2018 is supported and guided by number of stalwarts of the profession and is aimed to make the dreams of college, school and university students come true by way of reducing their workload and making their studies more easier, comfortable and stress free.  Inspired by the concept of “Start-up India, Stand-up India” of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, the galaxy of engineers have put their heads together to lessen the burden of the students by making them available all the study material at their doorsteps. Needless to mention that the young generation struggling to save and manage their precious time for studies will get a fabulous platform and will be able to devote more time on their studies in a very easy and effective mode by saving lot of their energy and time.


Our Vision ” To keep each and every student and young generation of India stress free by making their educative system more easy, decrease the pressure of their workload and also save their valuable time for its utilization on studies.”

Our Mission:”The company intends to translate its vision into reality with the ultimate goal of helping and supporting the students at their doorsteps.”


We are determined to come to the expectations of our beloved customers with proper commitment in true spirit.  Our motto is to satisfy each and every individual by giving personal attention to their needs.

Pricing & Quality : We fully assure the genuineness of prices with high quality of our services and products.




The primary goal of the company is to deliver items to our customers at a comfortable price.


Free shipping on every order, every day as you are first to us , Always. Also unconditional free shipping is a number 1 criterion for making a purchase.


We’ll always give you the info, tools and user reviews that explain why people come back.


Taking the power of digital India to next level we provide you with a payment gateway that gives you the power to do more. You dont need to deal with the complexities of online payment, all you need is a smart move.